F18 UFC+HUD Controller

USB plug-n-play game controller for F18 flight simulators

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489.00 €

F18 UFC (Up Front Controller) together with HUD Controller (Head-Up Display Controller) create the main control part of the F18 cockpit. The HUD Controller is further equipped with Heading and Course switches. The panel is used among others, to enable weapons, selection of navigation settings and selection of radio communications.

The panel is assembled from high-end quality 3D printed parts and equipped with reliable electronics carefully picked to replicate the real cockpit controls. Panel face and buttons are overlayed with authentic markings.

Technical data:

  • USB Plug-n-Play controller
  • 100x100mm VESA mount (4xM3 nuts embedded in backplate)
  • 26 buttons, 7 rotary encoders, 2 rotary+push encoders, 8 toggle switches (3 types)
  • Compatible with DCS World, F16 BMS, IL-2 Sturmovik, Flight Simulator 2020
  • Overall dimensions: 230(height) x 175(width) x 91(box depth) millimetres (6.9x9.1x3.6 inches)
  • Input device only - displays have no functionality (imitations)