F18 HUD Controller - UFC extension

Extension for F18 UFC panel

Available - delivery in 14-30 days

199.00 €

This product serves as an extension for the F18 UFC panel (available here). It is not equipped with the mainboard and therefore can not be used as a stand-alone device. The assembly process is easy and does not require soldering, instructions are sent by email.

F18 HUD (Head-Up Display) Controller is used among others, to adjust Advanced Multi-Purpose Display and select navigation settings. The HUD Controller is further equipped with Heading and Course switches.

The panel is assembled from high-end quality 3D printed parts and equipped with reliable encoders and switches carefully picked to replicate the real cockpit controls. The panel face is covered with authentic markings.

Technical data:

  • 4 rotary encoders, 7 toggle switches (2xON-ON, 3xON-OFF-ON, 2x(ON)-OFF-(ON))
  • In combination with F18 UFC, the panel is compatible with DCS World, F16 BMS, IL-2 Sturmovik, Flight Simulator 2020
  • Fasteners included
  • Overall dimensions: 80(height) x 175(width) x 66(max box depth) millimetres (6.9x3.1x2.6 inches)