F16 ICP - Integrated Control Panel

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USB plug-n-play game controller for F16 flight simulators

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F16 Viper ICP (Integrated Control Panel) is the main part of the UFC (Up-Front Control). It is used among others, to enable weapons, selection of navigation settings and selection of radio communications.

The panel is assembled from high-end quality 3D printed parts and equipped with reliable electronics carefully picked to replicate the real cockpit controls. The face of the panel is overlayed with authentic markings.

Technical data:

  • USB Plug-n-Play controller
  • 100x100mm VESA mount (4xM3 nuts embedded in backplate)
  • 19 buttons, 4 rotary encoders, 2 rocker switches, 2 toggle switches, 1 joystick
  • Compatible with DCS World, F16 BMS, IL-2 Sturmovik, Flight Simulator 2020
  • Overall dimensions: 163(height) x 138(width) x 73(box depth) millimetres (6.42x5.43x2.87 inches)